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"Mirage" by Universal Professional Lighting is a brand new portable moving head effect, enables to start a discotheque and to make a home disco party. Thanks to it's small dimensions and powerful output it can be applied to any installation you choose. This intelligent lighting effect emits 10 colors plus white. Obtaining 8 gobo plus opened patterns, "Mirage" also has black-out and strobe effect (10 flashes per second). The unit features a pre-programmed internal effects program and sound activation capability. Sound activating program responds to the rhythm of the music changing adequately the speed.

Installation could be either on the base of a unit or upside-down, in both cases the movement is smooth due to the micro step program ability.

"Mirage" is programmable via a DMX 512 standard lighting protocol and several units can be chained together for synchronous operation with or without a controller. LCD display can show a current operating mode, the bulb life and a lot of other specific information, some times the blinking of a image on LCD display can help you to detect the errors in installation of several units operating in one or another operating modes.


  • Voltage - 230 V or (110 v optional)
  • Working - Mode long term
  • Colors - 11 dichroic colors, plus white and rainbow effect
  • Gobos - 1 wheel with 8 fixed gobos
  • Bulb - 24V 250 Wt HLX64657 (EVC)
  • Weight - 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
  • Dimensions - 236 x 170 x 265 mm (9,2 x 6,7 x 10,4 inch.)



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