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We would like to introduce a discotheque lighting effect named WALTZ.

Important features:

  • 3colors (46 bright diodes: red- 16 pcs. , green- 15 pcs., blue - 15 pcs.)
  • controlled via DMX 512 standard lighting protocol
  • sound activation
  • synchronous operation capability

It’s a unit with a 46 bright diodes and a scanning mirror movable in panoramic and vertical directions, when dealing with several units you can use an option when the operation of the “Slave” will differ from the Sound activated “Master” unit in the inversion of pan and tilt movement of the mirror and the number of diodes lit in the same moment.

Manufacturer recommendation is to deal with two units, connected by means of the special cord (included) see the Manual for details.

To get a home disco you need to purchase a pair of WALTZ units and a smoke machine with convenient fluid.

Please watch a video with a couple of WALTZ units operating in the haze done by ordinary smoke machine.




Voltage: 110 or 230 v
Working Mode: long term
Colors of diodes: red- 16 pcs. , green- 15 pcs., blue - 15 pcs.
Power: 60 W
Mass: 4.3 kg.
Dimensions: 200 x 200mm in base x 840 mm


Download Waltz operations manual




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